Cathy Bauer

Buyer Specialist

Cathy BauerWhen it comes to buying home foreclosures and auctions properties, an experienced buyer specialist can mean the difference between getting the home you want – or seeing it slip through your fingers.

Meet Star Realtors’ Buyer Specialist Cathy Bauer. Cathy has spent the last twelve years learning the in’s and out’s of buying homes in foreclosure or up for auction. She’s developed a strategic approach the encompasses every aspect of the process, from how to write contracts and how to calculate an appropriate bid, to effective negotiations and submitting offers at the most advantageous time.

Cathy’s experience with over a decade’s worth of transactions means that her perspective is different that that of many other agents. “A lot of agents look at the ‘pretty’ things in the home,” Cathy says. “I look at the negative ones so that I can communicate to my buyers what they’ll have to repair – sometimes making repairs in order to get financing.

“Buyers appreciate this straightforward approach,” she says. “And it has led to a lot of repeat business and referrals.”

Cathy has always been a buyer specialist. As word of her expertise in foreclosures and auctions has spread, she has built a following among investors, many of whom work with Cathy on a regular basis.

Cathy is a lifelong area resident, graduating from Belleville East High School and raising her two sons and two daughters in Southwest Illinois. A scary movie fan, Cathy is also an animal lover, and enjoys playing with her five pugs and her pit bull.

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