Mason Daugherty

Property Inspector
Mason Daugherty Like the beat of tune, Star Realtors’ property inspector Mason Daugherty, is steady.
Dependable, accountable and always where he needs to be, Mason is persistent, going from one home to the next, whether it be the latest property assignment from one of Star’s clients or one of his dozens of weekly inspections.

Mason has been trained to inspect each property and report back in the unique manner preferred by each of Star’s clients. He surveys everything, following a disciplined process to evaluate the property’s safety, security and aesthetics – from smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, the stability of staircase handrails to exposed wiring and capped gas lines. On the weekly inspections, Mason checks for curb appeal, making sure the property’s lawn and home’s exterior is being maintained in a manner that makes it approachable to potential buyers. He also takes photographs of properties to submit along with his regular report, and coordinates with other members of the Star team to forward the current update on to each client.

For Mason, the work has a rhythm to it. Hustling from property to property, he inspects, captures data, and moves on.

“I feel like I need to get stuff done,” Mason says. “I work hard, make my own schedule, and I’m always on time.”

Mason can’t help but be on time. The son of two high-school music teachers, Mason grew up in musical family of five. He plays the guitar and sings, mostly classic country songs, and is excited about an upcoming trip to Puerto Rico where he’ll provide the entertainment at a cousin’s wedding. Mason began picking at the guitar in high school after a basketball-related back injury sidelined him. He earned an associates degree in music technology and recording, and he laughs that he hasn’t put that knowledge to work yet, but he will in some fashion.

There’s no doubt that Mason’s love of music comes from his family: his father plays the bass guitar, his mother plays the fiddle (among other instruments), his brother plays acoustic guitar, and his sister, the harmonica and drums. The Daugherty band plays every year at a big family party on his parent’s ranch near Staunton.

“We all take turns and try to sing,” Mason smiles.