Megan Dawson

Valuation Specialist

Megan black backgroundStar Realtors’ valuation specialist, Megan Dawson, has a history of “seizing the opportunity.” From her role as a certified nurses assistant to her rapid rise in retail management to her dedication to enhancing service to Star’s REO clientele, when Megan sees a chance to improve, economize, or outperform, she simply does it.

Megan’s professional career began in healthcare. After witnessing the substandard care that her grandmother received in a nursing home while suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, Megan became a CNA. She spent four years caring for elderly patients after her grandmother passed. Megan did what she could to enhance the quality of patients’ lives.

Later, Megan accepted a job with a Windsor women’s clothing store and worked her way into the store manager position. Seeing Megan’s leadership skills, company execs asked her to take over at one of the region’s larger stores, where Megan also thrived.

“I try to exceed expectations…to do more than what’s asked of me,” Megan says. “At the store, everything was on my shoulders. I was in charge of a lot of people, and it was my job to keep everyone motivated and to make sure we were one of the best. I still hear from members of my team.”

Megan recognizes the significance of her position with Star – and the impact she can have on keeping the company one of the leading REO brokers in the nation.

“I have an important job because it includes a crucial part of the process,” Megan says. “We provide accurate, fair market valuations so that our client properties will sell quickly, and our service is second to none.”

When Megan isn’t working, she’s with her 12-year-old daughter AuBree, encouraging her to make a difference, and often taking part in one of their favorite mother-daughter activities: riding dirt bikes.